Lucy Tomova

Lyudmila Tomova

Marketing Manager

Lucy has a BA in Library and Information Sciences from the Sofia University and has also studied for degrees in Public Administration and Management. She started working at the British Council back in 2003 as an intern and has since held several different posts, gaining valuable experience and knowledge in the process. She is now actively promoting our exams portfolio and working on other marketing activities.  When not at work, she likes to cook, travel and watch thriller films. 

Plamena Bozhinova

Plamena Bozhinova

Customer Service Coordinator

Plamena has an MA degree in European Business and Finance from Nottingham Trent University in England and a BA in Business Administration. She has worked as a Branch Team Manager in an English language centre. Plamena enjoys working with customers and helping them find the educational opportunities best suited to their needs. In her free time she likes meeting new people, exploring famous sites in Europe and making muffins. She believes that a smile is the key to anyone's heart.

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