Monday 06 July 2020 to Monday 03 August 2020

Understand how to make the most of life and university study in the UK.

The prestige of a UK university education attracts students from all over the world. However, research shows that transition to UK study is not always easy. Many feel challenged by an unfamiliar educational system, cultural differences, and working in a different language.

This course will give you all the help you need to study and thrive in the UK. You’ll become familiar with studying in English and how higher education courses are structured, gaining a clear understanding of what to expect. You’ll also develop self-study skills, whilst getting a taste of life in the UK.

What topics will you cover?

  • Characteristic features of UK higher education: including active engagement, critical thinking, evidence-based argumentation, and independent study, academic integrity
  • Study modes: including lectures, seminars, tutorials, student presentations, group assignments, and assessment
  • Language skills for academic success: including reading, listening, note-taking, speaking, and writing
  • Understanding assessment in higher education
  • Student support services: library facilities, English language support, and counselling
  • Student life in the UK: including practical advice about finding accommodation, making friends, what to bring, and what to do on arrival.

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