Sofia Science Festival

This is one place you'll want to keep coming back to for more! In the Exploratorium you'll be able to see science in action. Scientists will perform hands-on experiments and you can play games and learn lots of entertaining and useful things.

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences presents:

  • Our Earth with the Institute of Geology
  • Variable stars and galaxies with the Institute of Astronomy and National Astronomical Observatory
  • Ultrashort laser pulses in bioengineering with the Institute of Electronics
  • Microworld with the Institute of Molecular Biology

Sofia University presents:

  • Physical attraction with the Faculty of Physics
  • Cactuses and succulents with the University Botanical Garden

And more:

  • Play and win prizes with А1
  • The forgetting brain with ARPharM 
  • The metals which sent a Man to the Moon with Aurubis
  • Check your science facts and win prizes with InGlobo magazine 
  • Research projects at the National Military University 
  • Minerals from the National Earth & Man Museum
  • Geeky games with Muzeiko
  • Science and technology from TechnoMagicLand
  • Compost away with Green Sofia
  • Polar challenges with APECS
  • Geographical adventures with Geograf BG
  • Code with SoftUni Kids
  • Technology and engineering with Space Academy
  • Robots from Robopartans
  • Fun science with DNA
  • Robot adventures with the ROBOTICA Academy
  • EnduroSat One and Space Challenges Programme
  • Experiments with University for Children
  • Coding with Tunisaurus
  • Centre for Fun Maths to the Moon and back
  • Clean energy and Technokrati 
  • Maths and art with Tonekido
  • Smart cities with Ecosystems Europe
  • Microcontrollers with STEAM Education
  • Robco ‘19 assisting elderly people and people with disabilities
  • Fascinating nature with WWF
  • Coding with MindHub
  • Drone flying with the Drone Society
  • Solar energy with scientists from the University of Swansea
  • Science jewellery from BG Science
  • Do science in the UK with British Council
  • Ministry of Education & Science and alumni of the Young Scientist competition
  • Projects funded by the National Science Fund at the Ministry of Education & Science
  • 150 years Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the beauty of the Bulgarian language with the Institute for Bulgarian Language - BAS
  • Prospects in education with the Centre for Research and Analysis
  • Science for all with Education without Backpacks and Khan Academy
  • Information resources with BioSeek
  • What’s in store for European Researchers Night 2019 and the REFRESH project