Sofia Science Festival

Sofia Science Festival 2018

The next Sofia Science Festival will take place from 10 to 13 May 2018 at Sofia Tech Park. Here are some of the confirmed participants.

Dame Wendy Hall (United Kingdom) 

Professor Wendy Hall is Regius Professor in Computer Science at the University of Southampton. She is known internationally as a leading light in the development of Web Science and is recognised the world over for her pioneering role as one of the first computer scientists to embark on serious research into multi- and hyper-media technologies before the existence of the World Wide Web. Her early ideas which developed in parallel with development of the Internet are now forming key elements of subsequent development into the Semantic Web. Her most recent work focuses on understanding and exploring the various influences of science, commerce, public and politics on the evolution of the World Wide Web. This research is aimed at both understanding the evolution of the web and engineering its future.

Simon Singh (United Kingdom)

With a PhD in Particle Physics at Cambridge University and CERN, Simon Singh is also an author, journalist and TV producer who is passionate about Mathematics. He worked at BBC’s Science Department and directed Fermat’s Last Theorem, a BAFTA award winning documentary about the world’s most notorious mathematical problem. He is author of ‘The Code Book’ about cryptography and its history, ‘Big Bang’ about the Big Bang theory and the origins of the universe and co-authored ‘Trick or Treatment? Alternative Medicine on Trial’. His latest book is ‘The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets’ which explores the vast amount of mathematics smuggled into the world’s most successful sitcom by its highly numerate writing team.

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Quentin Cooper (United Kingdom) 

He is described by The Times as both "the world's most enthusiastic man" and "an expert on everything from pop music to astrophysics". Quentin Cooper hosts a huge range of conferences, talks, broadcasts and meetings in the UK and beyond and has been a regular contributor to countless science, technology, arts and entertainment programmes across BBC radio and television, Channel 4, the Discovery Channel, ITV and other channels. He’s one of the most familiar and popular voices of science in the UK, writing and presenting many hundreds of programmes including, for over a decade, Britain’s most listened to science show, the live weekly Material World on BBC Radio 4. Quentin is also both the regular host and Masterclass tutor for the UK and International finals of FameLab. 

Peter Marquis (United Kingdom) 

Manager of the medical unit of British Antarctic Survey with a wide range of experience, including mountaineering field guide, Base Commander at Rothera Research Station and Field Operations manager for British Antarctic Survey. 

Prof. Antonio Quesada (Spain)

Professor at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Scientific manager of the Spanish Polar Programme and Executive Director of the Spanish Polar Committee

Prof. Dr. Christo Pimpirev (Bulgaria)

Polar explorer, Professor in Geology at Sofia University and the doyen of the Bulgarian Antarctic Program, Christo Pimpirev leads the annual Bulgarian scientific campaigns in Antarctica. He is the first Bulgarian to take the Bulgarian flag to the South Pole and author of 7 books, 7 documentaries and over 250 scientific publications in Bulgarian and international magazines.

Jet Propulsion Theatre (Italy) 

Jet Propulsion Theatre by the well-known Italian professional theatre company Arditodesìo is a Permanent Laboratory for theatrical creation connected to science. The project aims to narrate science by means of theatre and artistic expression, in order to develop a sense of curiosity and wonder, and a better understanding of our present and future. 

Associate Prof. Lyubomira Nikolaeva-Glomb (Bulgaria) 

Virologist, Head of Department of Virology at the National Centre of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases, author of numerous scientific publications 

Prof. Ana Proykova (Bulgaria)

Professor at the Physics Faculty of Sofia University, author of numerous publications and research in Nanotechnology

Associate Prof. Lyudmil Georgiev (Bulgaria)

Criminologist with 27 years of experience at the Ministry of Interior, lecturer in Criminology and Forensics at the Law Faculty of the Ruse University, forensic document and video examiner for the Sofia City Court.

Svetlin Nakov (Bulgaria)

Programmer and entrepreneur, creator of Soft Uni, author of many books and articles on programming

Prof. Nikolay Vitanov (Bulgaria) 

Professor of quantum engineering and information, Vice-Rector of Sofia University