Be smart, Be safe, Have fun online
Tuesday 06 February 2018


The online world is just like the real world. Things we do have consequences, so post positive comments and don’t post negative things about other people.

We don’t tell strangers our address, school name, age, or your passwords, so remember to keep these things private on and offline.

That photo of your friend might be really funny, but what if they don’t want people to see it? Ask permission to post photos of others, and think about what you post yourself. An average post could easily be seen by thousands of people.

If you see someone being treated badly online, post something positive to them, talk to them, or ask a trusted adult for help.

We don’t wake up looking awesome everyday – the reality is we don’t always look or feel our best. Don’t feel you have to constantly update your status to show how great you look and what a great time you are having. It’s OK to be you. 

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