Arabesque Ballet
Arabesque Ballet

We all have our views about the people and events that have made a difference over time. We often disagree about who and what has had the biggest (or smallest) impact on the course of history.

With this diversity of opinions in mind, and as the British Council marks its 80th anniversary in Bulgaria, we are inviting you on a journey back in time. We want to start a conversation about the people, the moments (in time and space), the changes and achievements of the past 80 years that have shaped the way we see Bulgaria today. 

The survey brings together nominations put forward by a panel of 20 experts in different fields, each expressing their own personal view. The descriptions are based on public access material and on the texts they have themselves presented in support of their proposals. 

This was never intended to be a comprehensive study or (an objective) historical account and the entries are not ranked in any way. Instead, we hope they will prompt us to reflect on the past and inspire us to learn more about people and events that may help us to make sense of the present and give us confidence in our future.

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