Award-winning choreographers and dancers James Pett and Travis Clausen-Knight
Award-winning choreographers and dancers James Pett and Travis Clausen-Knight
Wednesday 15 November 2023 to Friday 17 November 2023
Derida Dance Center

Pett|Clausen-Knight is the creative dynamo for multi-award-winning choreographers and dancers James Pett and Travis Clausen-Knight. Their collaboration began during their time dancing with Wayne McGregor (2013–19).

By pushing the boundaries of contemporary dance, the British choreographers have crafted sensitively provocative creations stimulated through their intensely powerful visual language.

‘Every day we are used to expressing ourselves through words, gestures, but also the digital world and social media: what if we stop and try to communicate and express ourselves through movement?’


Pett|Clausen-Knight will deliver two workshops – a community workshop and a workshop for professionals – around the themes of isolation and connection to offer an exploration of how dance and the arts can offer means of connecting to ourselves and expressing what we feel at a deeper level.

The workshops will take place at the Derida Dance Center.

Professional workshop | Wednesday 15 November 2023, 14.30

The professional workshop is open to pre-professional artists and professional artists. The workshop will consist of a one-hour contemporary dance class and a one-hour creative practice to further the artists’ technique to develop their current standard through their interpretation of tools used in the workshop. At the end, there may be an open discussion about practice and themes where participants can enquire about thoughts, ideas and personal observations.

Community workshop | Wednesday 15 November 2023, 17.30

The community workshop is open to everyone, with or without experience in dance. It is aimed at broadening the community’s understanding of dance practice to be used as means of physical activity and movement therapy. The workshop will start a sensory practice that will lead participants through guided tools and exercises to connect to their body and the surrounding space. The second part will focus on a creative practice focused on the themes of isolation and connection.

Find out more:

Live performance with video interaction + post show talk

A Space Left Blank by Pett|Clausen-Knight

After the performance, there will be a conversation with the artists, moderated by a psychologist and a social worker who have observed Pett|Clausen-Knight’s workshop for Ukrainian refugees. The topic of discussion will be how dance and the arts can offer a means to connect with ourselves, help us express what we feel on a deeper level, and connect us to those around us.

The project is taking place in collaboration and with the support of the British Council in Bulgaria. The project is also supported by the National ‘Culture’ Fund of Bulgaria.

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