Saturday 13 May 2017 - 11:00
Mtel Arena Hall, John Atanasoff building, Sofia Tech Park

suitable for classes 1-4 

From the moment you leave the starting blocks, your sporting ability can be affected by science. How do people balance, and what makes them fall over? What happens when a ball bounces, and why do balls have different surfaces? How is friction useful in sport and how do we use science to protect us from injury? Watch plastic cups loop-the loop, and try to spot the trick in the game of crazy cricket. Dare you sit on a seat of nails?

This exciting and interactive show uses lots of audience involvement to make you think about sport as you never have before. Be prepared to limber up and join in for this show with lots of audience interaction.

Before joining Science Made Simple Ruth Perkins developed over 6 years experience through interactive science workshops and shows, working for the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester and ‘Chemistry with Cabbage’. She started her science communication career whilst still at university, studying physics. Her favourite aspect of science communication is getting out into community and festival events with science busking. She is LAMDA accredited to Gold standard.

Science Made Simple are one of the UK’s leading science communication companies which brings the brilliance of science to life with amazing, high energy interactive shows for schools and festivals. From football to game shows to pop songs and everything in between, they take the world around us and show the science that makes it work.  

Sofia will be European Sports Capital 2018 – what better way to prepare than join this spectacular show on the science of sports? 

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