British Council

“I have elicited some interesting information in regard to courses similar to our own. It appears that while in most there is a like division into two terms, each of approximately three months, some time during the period mid-October to mid-June, there is a wide discrepancy in fees. The details are as follows: 

a) English-Speaking League – 150 Leva per month or 450 Leva per term; 

b) Alliance Francaise – 200 Leva per term; 

c) Deutsche Schule – 150 Leva per term; 

d) Instituto Italiano – 100 Leva per term

It will be seen that the League charges are far in excess of the others, and it would seem politic, when we make a fresh start, to reduce them to not more than 300, possibly 250 Leva per term.”

30 January 1940
Letter from H Littler, writing from Slavyanska Beseda Hotel, ten days after arriving in Sofia