Saturday 13 May 2017 - 16:00
Hall Zone 42, John Atanasoff building, Sofia Tech Park

In July 2015 the story of Cecil, a lion shot by an American dentist in Zimbabwe, took the world by storm. I'm here to talk about how trophy hunting affects conservation of African wildlife. Is it a vile and dangerous procedure, or can it be used for protecting animals? Let's start a debate!

Dr Joanna Bagniewska is a zoologist; she obtained her MSc and doctorate from Oxford University’s Zoology Department, and currently works as a teaching fellow at the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Reading. Joanna is passionate about science communication and is constantly engaged in a number of outreach activities. In 2014 she won FameLab Poland, a science communication competition for researchers, and went on to receive the Alumni Award in the international finals of the event. She has co-organised the popular science conference “Science: Polish Perspectives”; more recently she has taken part in endeavours such as the theatrical Science Slam, science stand-up comedy for Bright Club Oxford and Museums Show Off, and  TEDxWarsaw.

Find out more about Joanna from her website and enjoy her entertaining videos on Youtube. 

This event is organised in partnership with the Polish Institute in Sofia.

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