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Thursday 12 May 2016 -
20:30 to 21:30
Main Stage, Sofia Theatre

Where do we all come from? Seeking for an answer of this question is at the core of the Rosetta Space Mission of the European Space Agency. As part of it, on 12 November 2014, a device managed from the Earth landed on the surface of a comet in the Solar System for the first time. An achievement so amazing and complicated that it is even difficult to imagine. Dr Matt Taylor is the chief scientist of the Rosetta Mission and as one of the biggest stars of this year's Sofia Science Festival, his mission will be to give us all the details around Rosetta and a clue or two on what to expect from it in 2016. Matt Taylor is a British astrophysicist, an Imperial College London graduate and the Chief Scientist of the Rosetta Mission of the European Space Agency. He has promised that along with comets and physics, there will also be lots of music during his talk.

In English, interpretation to Bulgarian provided

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