Sunday 17 May 2015 -
17:30 to 23:59
Main Stage, Sofia Theatre

Everything starts with a “big numbers contest” between two participants from the audience. What is the biggest number you can write in ten seconds? And there begins a surprising journey. Hand in hand with bigger and bigger numbers, numbers beyond imagination, Eduardo teaches the audience, almost without noticing, about the main concepts at the origin of computer science. This is a talk about computability, recursion and logic, but looks like a funny game about constructing incredibly big numbers. At the end of the way, the audience has the pleasant feeling of having penetrated some of the complex secrets of mathematics while meeting some of the founders of math and computer science, from Archimedes to Alan Turing.

Eduardo Sáenz de Cabezón links science with humour and stories. He studied theology and has a PhD in mathematics from the University of La Rioja. He speaks on these two topics in universities and secondary schools as a storyteller for children, youth and adults. Sáenz de Cabezón has also been a professor of Computer Information Systems, Discrete Mathematics and Algebra at the University of La Rioja since 2010. He won the FameLab contest for scientific monologues in Spain in 2013.

This event is presented in partnership with Instituto Cervantes.

Sofia Science Festival

17 May, 17.30 | Main Stage | free