National Geographic Channel

Friday 15 May 2015 -
18:30 to 23:59
Main Stage, Sofia Theatre

What the eyes perceive, the mind believes… Master of illusion Drummond Money-Coutts is on an international journey, exploring the high stakes world of advanced card play, cheating and magic.

Inspired by the brilliant minds of Houdini, famed for his sensational escape acts; Karl Zener, known for his work in extra-sensory perception (or ESP); and spoon bending extraordinaire Uri Geller, DMC masters their mind-blowing stunts, offering a few twists and turns of his own in front of live audiences. 

DMC has been described as ‘the best in a new generation of British magicians’ by The Observer and his new series leaves no doubt in this statement.Събитието се организира в партньорство с National Geographic Channel България.

In partnership with National Geographic Channel.

Sofia Science Festival

15 May, 18.30 | Main stage | free