Robot presenter

Roey Tzezana

Friday 11 May 2018 -
19:30 to 20:30
Mtel Arena | general audience | ticketed event

We hear prophecies of doom and devastation every day now: hunger and poverty, the end of all resources on Earth, and the collapse of human civilization. Many prophecies like that have been uttered and published over the last few centuries, but they have been proven wrong time after time. Why? Because we have one infinite and eternal resource: human innovation that enables us to improve our technology by the year.

Roey Tzezana, futurist and nanotechnologist from the Centre for Technology, Analysis and Forecasts at Tel-Aviv University and Israeli FameLab finalist, explains how things are getting better, why they are expected to keep on improving and also to deal with the dangers that remain.

In the spirit of the futuristic topic, Roey’s robotic body steps on the stage in Sofia, which he will control live from the USA. Welcome to a talk about the future from a researcher with a body of a robot and brain of a futurist. 

The event will be in English with Bulgarian translation.

Presented in partnership with the Embassy of Israel to Bulgaria.

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