Saturday 12 May 2018 -
17:00 to 18:00
Cosmos hall | general audience | free passes

In the last 26 years, scientists have discovered several thousand planets around other suns, and the number keeps growing. With new telescopes such as TESS or CHEOPS, the number may soon rise to tens of thousands. Some of the worlds were big surprises: planets circling stars that had gone supernova, worlds almost grazing their suns or on very eccentric orbits.

What do we really know about them so far and what are the chances of finding a “second Earth”? In searching for life in the universe, what methods can we use – and should we really focus our search on Earth-like planets? We will be looking for answers of these questions with Julie Novakova, who along with teaching science also writes sci-fi books. She has published seven novels and over thirty stories in Czech so far. Julie writes both in English and Czech, and her books have been translated in several languages.

The event will be in English with Bulgarian translation.

Presented in partnership with the Czech Centre Sofia.

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