Dr. Chris Nash

Saturday 11 May 2019 -
15:30 to 16:30
Neterra Cosmos | general audience | free passes

With examples from Bach to Beats, Dr Nash will present a history of music as the combination of pattern and process, before exploring expressions of music through code using Manhattan, a digital platform for learning and creativity that bridges composition and programming (nash.audio/manhattan). Following examples of generative music that balance rules and randomness, he will show how patterns can be found in the most chaotic of places: using machine learning to detect people’s positions and movement in a bustling crowd, interpreted by Manhattan into beautiful live music (as featured in BBC Music Day).

Dr Chris Nash is a professional programmer, composer and researcher, currently Senior Lecturer and Course Leader for Audio & Music Technology at UWE Bristol. He completed his PhD at Cambridge University, developing software to support flow, learning, virtuosity, and creativity in music composition, and has since worked with organisations such as Steinberg/Yamaha and the BBC on a variety of creative projects. His recent research, the Manhattan Project, looks at platforms for creativity and learning that combine music and programming.

In English, translation to Bulgarian.

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