Royal Society of Chemistry

Saturday 11 May 2019 -
10:00 to 11:00
A1 Arena | for children age 10 and above | free passes

Have you ever wanted to have some incredible superpower like the heroes of the comics or movies? To be invisible or be able to fly? Well, if so, then you certainly need to see this show by British scientists from the University of Hull, Prof. Mark Lorch and Phil Bell-Young. You will have a shot at creating your very own superheroes. Get ready for some pretty weird demos and awesome experiments which will rely on your help too. 

Mark Lorch is Professor of Science Communication and Chemistry at the University of Hull. He writes for The Guardian, The Conversation, The New Humanist and BBC Focus on chemistry matters and performs science themed shows to audiences of all ages. Mark is also the Director of the Hull Science Festival and is spearheading the science content for Hull City of Culture. 

Phil has always had a passion for science ever since he was a child. His enthusiasm and persistence’s to explore, discover and share science of the natural world earned him the nickname ‘Phil Oddie’ after a famous English Naturalist. He was a UK National FameLab finalist and has since pursued a career in Science Communication at the University Hull as a Science Outreach Officer. As well as event management, Phil is a performer of science shows, science busker and public speaker.

In English, translation to Bulgarian.


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