Greg Rakozy

Saturday 26 September 2020 -
13:30 to 14:20
DNA hall | general audience | free passes

As humanity pushes further into space, there’s still one important question left to answer. Of all the astronomers throughout history, which one do you most want in the passenger seat? Would Newton bring good snacks? What music would Einstein pick to go along with you? Come learn how these astronomers contributed to science, what that science means, and about the kind of people they were, as we embark on one weird road trip. Adam Murphy is a physicist turned science communicator from Dublin. He is currently one of the producers for the Naked Scientists podcast. When not talking to anyone within earshot about science, he can be found watching worrying amounts of sci-fi or twirling around a ballroom dance floor.

In English, translated to Bulgarian. 

In partnership with the Embassy Ireland, Bulgaria.

Due to the epidemic situation, changes in the programme may occur – both in the dates and times of the events and in the mode of delivery (digital or live). Please follow the festival page for the latest information.

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