Dr. Ewelina Sielska-Badurek, personal archive
Sunday 27 September 2020 -
18:00 to 18:50
DNА hall | general audience| free passes

Singing improves mood, concentration, IQ in children, and even the body’s immunity. Fortunately, we all can sing naturally – one of the first activities performed by infants is singing by vocalization. Teenagers sing despite the larynx injuries – 20% of young people singing contemporary commercial music have vocal nodules. Regardless of the indisputable facts, there are plenty of myths related to our ability to sing – from singing from the diaphragm and beatboxing as a vocal technique to the correct posture and the stress factor. Join voice therapist Ewelina Sielska-Badurek as she dives into the mysterious world of singing and illustrates why everyone can sing. Along with being a Chief of Phoniatrics Clinic at The Medical University of Warsaw, Ewelina is a singer and singing teacher whose interests lie in voice disorders and laryngeal office-based surgery. Ewelina won FameLab in Poland in 2019.

In English, translation to Bulgarian.

In partnership with the Polish Institute Sofia.

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