Niamh Shaw

Sunday 27 September 2020 -
14:00 to 14:50
live online at Cosmos hall in partnership with А1 | general audience | free passes

In 2014, Niamh Shaw announced to the world that she wanted to go to space and then she made a show about it. To Space explored her impossible dream and the current state of the space industry. She went on a simulated Mars mission and spent time at the European Space Agency’s Astronaut Centre as artist and engineer. And made another show about the sacrifice of a dream and the massive group collective required to put one human into space. It’s been nearly 6 years now and where is she on her lifelong dream and how has it evolved? Walking slowly Towards Space will see acclaimed communicator Niamh sharing her journey, illuminating the relevance of space in our society, her progress, her struggles and challenges and explaining why she has devoted the remainder of her life to fulfilling a 40-year old dream. Niamh Shaw is an Irish engineer, scientist and performer, recently voted one of Ireland’s leading science communicators and STEAM specialists (merging science, technology, engineering, arts and maths). Ad Astra!

In English, translated to Bulgarian. 

In partnership with the Embassy Ireland, Bulgaria.

Due to the epidemic situation, changes in the programme may occur – both in the dates and times of the events and in the mode of delivery (digital or live). Please follow the festival page for the latest information.

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