Sofia Science Festival

If you are planning a school visit, read our tips below to make sure you and your students will have a great time at the festival.

  • Book well in advance: Festival venues have a limited capacity and many events are fully booked soon after the programme is announced. Booking in advance will better your chances of getting passes for your preferred events.
  • Establish the exact number of students visiting: Please provide a precise number of visitors when making your booking so that we can reserve their seats.
  • Don't overbook: If you block seats which you will most likely not use, other students will not have the opportunity to attend these events. If the number of students in your group is expected to be less than planned please do notify us immediately.
  • Plan enough time: Exhibitions and hands-on experiments your students can explore are available throughout the day. Plan enough time before and after an event in order to take advantage of these and make the most of your visit.


The School Programme is available in Bulgarian.