This course will be delivered in a Virtual Classroom while regular face-to-face classes are temporarily suspended. Learn more about our Virtual Classrooms for adult students. 

On our Speaking courses you will: 

  • improve your speaking skills and get intensive speaking practice
  • talk about issues and topics relevant to your everyday life 
  • learn to speak English with more confidence
  • focus on your pronunciation to sound more natural when you speak 
  • participate in role plays and simulations 

Focus on Speaking (for basic users)

This is a course for adult learners at level Mid-Pre-Intermediate (A2+) to Low Intermediate (B1), who have done a Pre-Intermediate (A2) course. It is built around six main topics – home, friends, money, food, work and travel – which give the context for a series of communicative tasks. Each unit begins with a set of self-study tasks for you to do at home. These tasks are designed to activate some of the topic-related vocabulary you will need for the classroom speaking tasks. In each unit, there is a focus on pronunciation that will show you how sounds are pronounced correctly and how words are linked to sound more natural in connected speech.  

The Speaking Course (for independent users)

This course is for adult learners whose level is Mid-Intermediate (B1+) to high Upper-Intermediate (B2+), who have done an Intermediate (B1) or an Upper-Intermediate (B2) course. It consists of ten scenarios which provide you with a context and a role for you to play. You will prepare for the role play by reading the scenario at home and doing some self-study activities about a specific speaking sub-skill. The course pays special attention to pronunciation to help students sound more natural.

How our courses and levels for adults work.

Course information

  • Levels

    Focus on Speaking: mid-Pre-Intermediate (A2+) to low Intermediate (B1)
    The Speaking course: mid-Intermediate (B1+) to high Upper-Intermediate (B2+)

  • Locations

    Classes are taught at our  Sofia Teaching Centre at 7 Krakra Street.

Technology enhanced learning

  • In class we use tablets, interactive whiteboards and online learning platforms to help our learners with the skills they need in today’s and tomorrow’s world. 
  • We provide access to high quality online content and digital resources that support language learning inside and outside the classroom. 
Type of course Course dates Days and times Price (in BGN)
Focus on Speaking (A2-B1)

10.04.2020 – 10.07.2020

18.30 – 20.00




The Speaking course (B1-B2)

These are 18-hour courses for students who just want to practise speaking. If you want to improve your overall level of English register for a Speaking Course and a General English course.