Лого на Софийски фестивал на науката
Thursday 12 May 2016 -
19:00 to 20:00
Chamber Hall, Sofia Theatre

Looking at the Stars is a documentary about the impossible dreams in which we cannot stop believing and about the inextricable connection between people, stars and telescopes. Under the starry sky of the Rozhen Mountains, astronomers, amateurs and young star observers gaze into the darkest corners of the universe. In these moments, filled with romance and loneliness, the love for stars is born and as we know, once contrived the passion for astronomy is forever. Immerse yourself into a beautiful 21-minute documentary by director and producer Hristina Vardeva about people who pursue the light of the past and seek ways towards the future. You will meet the team after the end of the documentary.

Director and Producer: Hristina Vardeva; Camera: Momchil Alexandrov, Svetlin Yordanov, Biser Djonev; Music: Emilian Gatzov; Editor: Ina Vasileva-Lyamova; Sound: Paul Rosen

In Bulgarian with English subtitles

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Sofia Science Festival