Saturday 12 May 2018 -
20:30 to 21:30
Mtel Arena | general audience | ticketed event

Artificial Intelligence is set to transform society in the coming decades in ways that have long been predicted by science fiction writers but are only now becoming feasible. While AI is still a long way from being as powerful as the human brain, many machines can now outperform human beings, particularly when it comes to analysing large amounts of data. As with all major technological revolutions, such advancements bring with it unexpected opportunities and challenges for society with a need to consider the ethical, accountability and diversity impacts. The mankind wil need to take a socio-technical approach to every aspect of the evolution of AI in society. As Alice found when she went through the looking glass, everything is not always what it first appears to be.

Prof. Wendy Hall is known internationally as a leading light in the development of Web Science and is recognized over the world for her pioneering role as one of the first computer scientists to embark on serious research into multi- and hyper-media technologies. Her early ideas which developed in parallel with development of the Internet are now forming key elements of subsequent development into the Semantic Web. Her most recent work focuses on understanding and exploring the various influences of science, commerce, public and politics on the evolution of the World Wide Web. Through her leadership roles on national and international bodies, she has shattered many glass ceilings, readily deploying her position to promote the role of women in science and technology. 

The event will be in English with Bulgarian translation. 

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