Lilla Asztalos, personal archive

Saturday 26 September 2020 -
15:00 to 15:50
live online at DNА hall | general audience | free passes

Every day we hear about an innovation with robotic surgeons, 3D printed organs, diagnostic tools based on big data analysis, but why then we’d rather turn to Dr. Google than to our health care provider. The novel factors have many advantages, but we must also bear in mind the new threats that new areas face. Lilla Asztalos, mechanical engineer and winner in FameLab Hungary 2019, stays away from the typical sensationalism about innovations and has a balanced approach towards the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the medical field. As a PhD student at the Department of Material Science and Engineering at Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Lilla’s research area is the investigation of the mechanical and corrosion damages of implants while her personal beliefs are that science communication based on facts and a critical view is the only way to break down the walls of pseudoscience.

In English, translation to Bulgarian.

In partnership with the Hungarian Cultural Institute and with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary – Department for Science Diplomacy.

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