This summer, we have an exciting, all-day learning experience – topic and project-based English courses specially designed for children aged 8-11.

Topic-based texts, images and videos will inspire students to learn more about our future world, super science or great inventions. As well as their English, the children will develop their creativity and communication skills as they work together on projects.

Students will also learn about the forces that shape the world we live in and bring *STEAM concepts to life with LEGO® Education BricQ Motion. Using basic technical English to complete a series of construction projects, they will develop their collaboration and problem-solving skills, and their understanding of the science of everyday life. 

*STEAM – Science, technology, engineering, arts and maths


Times Monday - Friday
10.00-13.00 Discover about topics  
13.00-14.30 Lunch (provided)
14.30-16.00 Explore and create: Project Work
16.00-17.30 Build with LEGO® Education BricQ Motion

Summer school 2024

Location: Classes are taught at our Sofia Teaching Centre at 7 Krakra Street.

Format: One-week sessions (you can sign up for one, two or three sessions), 37.5 hours each

Group size: Maximum 14 students in each class.

Timetable: Classes take place Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 17.30

Dates Registration
(Session 1) 24 – 28 June



Opens 15 April



(Session 2) 1 – 5 July
(Session 3) 8 – 12 July
(Session 1) 15– 19 July
(Session 2) 22 –25 July
(Session 3) 29 July – 2 August
  Session 1: 24 – 28 June or 15 – 19 July Session 2: 1 – 5 July or 22 –25 July Session 3: 8 – 12 July or 29 July – 2 August
Primary (Lower/Green) Special Days Holiday Free Time Fun
Primary (Higher/Yellow) Our Future World Super Science Great Inventions

Course fees

Fee for one session Fee for two sessions Fee for three sessions
640 BGN

1210 BGN

1710 BGN

Lunch will be provided and is included in the price.