Our summer programme will offer your child a happy and motivating experience with English in engaging classes with a focus on communication

Depending on age, the lessons will be based on exciting topics taught through a combination of activities, stories, songs, movement and crafts. 

For the younger age groups, the programme will cater to your child’s natural curiosity about the world around through structured games and carefully chosen learning activities. Your child will have fun and learn English naturally, almost without noticing. 

Older children will be developing skills such as collaboration, creativity and problem-solving through a variety of topics. Working with tablets, projects, art and craft will provide further sources of stimulus for collaboration and consensus-reaching. While making friends and having fun, your child will be improving their ability to communicate in English.

Additional activities:

  • Robotika – hands-on experience of LEGO® robotics
  • ‘Appy Time – using iPads and apps to practise and enjoy language and develop IT skills
  • Story Time – listening to stories, watching extracts from films and doing follow-up activities like acting, puppet show, projects based on the story or "What happened next?" activities
  • "Challenge" activities to promote teamwork and problem solving skills 
  • Word Games – crossword puzzles, play Sound Jump, Musical chairs, Box of sounds, Bag of objects 
  • Arts and crafts – drawing, colouring, making cards or little books, singing, acting out  
  • Board Games – playing all-time favourite games like Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, Dice and counters or Dominoes in English. 
  • "Out and About" – games & fun outside which will range from team activities and competitions to favourite sports such as badminton, frisbee or rope skipping in the nearby park 

We group children by age and by level (in English) so they feel comfortable and enjoy studying and playing together.

In class, our Young Learner Teachers and teaching Assistants will create a safe and supportive environment for your child to have some serious fun with language learning games, songs, stories and creative activities.

Summer school 2019

Courses from 17 June to 2 August. Students can register for one or more weeks as desired.

Week Dates Registration
Week 1 17 – 21 June 




from 13 May

Week 2 24 – 28 June
Week 3 1 – 5 July 
Week 4 8 – 12 July 
Week 5 15 – 19 July 
Week 6 22 – 26 July 
Week 7 29 July  – 2 August


Summer school classes take place Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 16.30.

Course fees

Fee for one week 525 BGN
Fee for every additional week 475 BGN

Lunch will be provided and is included in the price.