Shakespeare Lives - All the world's a stage
Saturday 14 May 2016 -
11:30 to 12:30
Main Stage, Sofia Theatre

There’s quite a few bits of Shakespeare’s play that concern illegitimacy - genuine or implied - especially Richard III where it is a pivotal plot point. It was easier to lie about legitimacy in Elizabethan England. Lying in Shakespeare’s characters and in the animal kingdom - why does it happen? What forms does it take? How about professional liars – the actors? 

Join British physicist, presenter, stand-up comedian and musician Helen Arney and Dr. Turi King who discovered the truth about Richard III’s family tree by analysing his skeleton, and Bulgarians Dr. Sava Dragunchev – Shakespeare expert and actor, and Dr. Toma Shtilianov, veterinarian and FameLab alumni. Discover more about Shakespeare’s insights into human nature that still ring true 400 years on, investigate where modern science matches up with the ideas of Elizabethan “natural philosophy,” hear Shakespeare’s text in dramatic readings by an actor and get involved in live experiments and science demonstrations. 

In English


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Shakespeare Lives

This event is part of Shakespeare Lives, a global programme of events and activities celebrating the world's most popular playwright's work on the 400th anniversary of his death in 2016.

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