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Results for paper-based exams are released within a window of four to six weeks after the exam day. Computer-based exams results are released on a fixed date, normally two weeks after the exam day. 

Candidates now have direct access to their results via the Cambridge Assessment English Online Results Service.

Each candidate's personal timetable will include login details. Please note that candidates must retain their timetables until they have received their results.


If you have passed your exam, your certificate will be available for collection approximately three weeks after results are released. For computer-based exams certificates are issued no later than two weeks after the results are released. If you registered through a Language Centre/ School, your certificate will be sent to them. If you registered as an individual candidate, you will receive an email invitation from us to collect your certificate. 

Young Learner results are issued approximately eight weeks after the date of the examination. Children who take these tests will receive an award for each component – Listening, Reading and Writing, Speaking. An award has one or more Cambridge shields (up to a maximum of five), a total of 15 shields for the whole test!

Results enquiries

If you feel that your exam was unfairly marked, Cambridge English has a vigorous and thorough Result Enquiry Procedure, to ensure all components are checked and, if requested, re-marked. If you want to query your result, this must be submitted through the British Council on your behalf. 

The procedure has two stages:

Stage 1 A clerical re-check Approximately 5 days GBP 24.25
Stage 2 A re-mark of all written papers* Approximately 3 weeks**

GBP 72.25 for A2 Key / A2 Key for Schools / B1 Preliminary / B1 Preliminary for Schools / B1 Business Preliminary

GBP 112.00 for all other exams***

* Enquiry on results is not applicable to TKT and YLE. 

**Please note that this process does not apply to any Speaking test component.

*** To request a Stage 2 enquiry, a candidate must have received their results and completed Stage 1 of the Results Enquiry Process.
To apply for enquiry on results, please fill in the Cambridge English Results Enquiry form and send it to us by email or post, along with a proof of payment made by bank transfer to Citibank, IBAN (BGN): BG77 CITI 9250 1051 0015 01.