Европейска нощ на учените

Friday 26 September 2015

When main programme from 18:00 to 22:00


St. Alexander Nevsky Square, 1 Nineteenth February Street
(entrance from the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral)

How free entry


Hall 19

Science in image and word

See science through the eyes of the young people. The finalists in NBU’s ‘Science in Image and Word’ competition for university and high-school students will present their own projects. They will show us their views for the future through the development of innovative science projects.

Hall 19

Innovation laboratory

How can digital technology help maths and foreign language studies, healthier nutrition or even to improve our social skills? Four young teams will present their projects for Samsung’s Innovation Lab.

central lobby

Official opening of European Researchers’ Night 2015 and Award Ceremony for the winners in the university and high-school students’ competitions

Hall 19

Earth 1.0: The Archaeological Secrets of Sofia

Presentation by Dr. Todor Chobanov –  archaeologist, deputy mayor of Sofia for ‘Culture, Education, Sport and Prevention of Addictions’

Hall 19

Earth 2.0: Humanity’s Space Future

Do you know what falls into the Top 5 most interesting and exciting places in the Solar system? Do you know if the recently found ‘second Earth’ will take the first place? What exactly did the latest space missions discover and what could we still expect? Astrophysicist and BBC Knowledge magazine editor-in-chief Dr. Vladimir Bojilov will tell us about humanity’s space future.

Exhibitions and screenings

central lobby and hall 19

Exhibition ‘Light through Children’s Eyes – A Source of Energy’
Poster exhibition of applied science research and projects by scientists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Czech Brains – documentary on the international contribution of Czech researchers to science
central lobby

Live streaming of the Hall of FameLab competition from London’s Natural History Museum

Demonstrations and curiosity cabinets

18.00 – 22.00, stands at the central lobby and open air demonstrations in front of the National Gallery

Wireless electricity
from 19.00 and 20.00, in front of the Gallery’s main entrance

Don’t miss the demonstration of this unique device created by chemist and installation artist Hristo Kolev especially for the Sofia Science Festival and European Researchers’ Night – the Tesla Coil. The Tesla Coil is a resonant transformer circuit capable of producing output voltages of over million volts. It was first developed by the Serbian American inventor Nicola Tesla in 1891. The field created by the coil can indeed light up luminescent lamps a few meters away.

Light in the wildlife
Do you know why fireflies and snails glow? Is it true that some fish contain phosphorus? Do they glow too? These and many other questions about the light in the animal kingdom will be answered by the scientists of the National Museum of Natural History.

Lights from one pole to the other 
What exactly are the Northern lights? Is there such a thing as Southern lights? What are the latest discoveries of Bulgaria’s polar researchers? How come the North Pole is so heavily populated but nobody has ever migrated to Antarctica? How do we measure distance by light in Antarctica? Feel welcome to speak with the researchers from the Association of Early Career Polar Scientists in Bulgaria who will tell you all about the beauty of the frozen lands.

Vision and optometry
You will see the difference between short-sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism. You will find out how we use our eyes and how they help us navigate in space and look at stereograms or 3D films. The scientists from Sofia University will also tell you what ‘optometry’ is. Do you know what exactly a ‘lazy eye’ is, what are the causes of this condition and what could be the consequences? You will have the opportunity to see devices and appliances created for people with vision so deteriorated that ordinary spectacles become useless. 

BASF Chemgeneration Lab – the chemistry of light
Do you want to find out more about the enchanted world of chemistry and be part of the magic of scientific experiments? Have you thought about how much chemical inventions and innovations define your everyday life? We will meet you with some of the greatest chemists of all times so you can find more about their contribution to the progress of science.

Remote geological research
Find out about the GPRS method (georadar method) and its application to the study and preservation of our environment. New Bulgarian University’s Gemmology laboratory will give collections of geological samples to the most active attendees of the demonstration.

Measurements and safety in telecommunications
Learn more about the radio spectrum used by mobile communication systems and the methods by which it’s planned, observed and regulated. The scientists from New Bulgarian University will show you how to conduct a spectral analysis with professional apparatus and you will find out which frequencies are used by each mobile operator. The most active participants will win books on current topics in telecommunications and vouchers for free entry to seminars at NBU.

Adaptive video game for entrepreneurship education
Do you want to become an entrepreneur? Try this adaptive video game developed by Prof. Boyan Bonchev from Sofia University. Are you ready for the labyrinth of entrepreneurship? By participating in mini-games and gaining points you will be able to go to the different rooms of the game.

European corner
Learn more about the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions of the Horizon 2020 programme, the European EURAXESS network and projects Bulgarian scientists participate in. 

Reproduction of Petar Beron’s portrait
See the portrait of the first Bulgarian scientist Petar Beron by the first Bulgarian painter with academic education Nikolay Pavlovich. 


Do not miss the events at the other venues in Sofia

Special programme of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
from 16.00, Main building of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Electornic music concert 'Music, Physics and Maths'
from 18.00, Lyubomir Pipkov National Music School 

Photo exhibition 'Life through Scientists’s Eyes'
from 13.00, New Bulgarian University

Start It Smart talks on innovation
from 19.00, Vivacom Art Hall