Saturday 15 May 2021 -
13:30 to 14:30
live online at DNA hall | general audience | ticketed event

The Big Bang theory is a very successful story of how our universe came into being. But the theory has many holes and omissions. Most notably it leaves unanswered the question: what banged? This and other issues have prompted scientists to propose theories beyond the Big Bang.

Joao Magueijo, a PhD in Theoretical Physics at Cambridge University and a Full Professor of Physics at Imperial College London, sheds light on this shady matter. Prof. Magueijo is a pioneer of the varying speed of light theory and other alternative models of the early Universe based on varying constants. He has authored over 120 scientific articles, as well as two popular science books (“Faster than the Speed of Light” and “A Brilliant Darkness”), a pseudo-travel book (“Bifes Mal Passados”) and a work of fiction (“Olifaque”).

In English, interpretation to Bulgarian provided.

The event will be broadcast live online only in front of the audience at Sofia Tech Park.

In partnership with Camões Centre Sofia.

Due to the epidemic situation, changes in the programme may occur – both in the dates and times of the events and in the mode of delivery (digital or live). Please follow the festival page for the latest information.

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