Scriptwriting Forum 2017 “To Die Laughing”
29 юли 2017, събота до 09 август 2017, сряда
София, Боженци и Габрово

Interested in developing your skills and knowledge in writing scripts for theatre, documentaries, cross-disciplinary and cutting-edge art forms? Check out the international scriptwriting forum ‘To die laughing’ from from 29 July to 9 August in Sofia, Bozhentsi, and Gabrovo. The opening lecture will be delivered by Lynda Clark, a British writer and former videogame producer. Entry is free but you need to book in advance. 

Opening lecture by Lynda Clark (UK)

Decoding Interactive Writing: Scriptwriting for Videogames and Interactive Platforms

When: 30 July 2017, 11.00-14.00
Where: Institut Français, Sofia, 3 Slaveykov Square
How: Entry is free but please book in advance by sending an email to

Writers from the more conventional and traditional creative practices often feel overwhelmed or intimidated by writing for interactive forms. How do you write a story where the reader is an active participant? How do you create digital interactivity if you don’t know how to code? Looking back over the history of video games shows that the techniques used in many modern games grew out of simpler textual forms. Tracing these forms through to modern day video games, we can use them to inspire and form our own creative work while realising that although there are differences, none are insurmountable. Modern authoring tools allow those with no coding skills to develop complex interactive stories and provide opportunities for writers to share their work with new audiences. 

Born in Nottingham, UK, in 1981, Lynda Clark is a writer and former videogame producer. She has contributed scripts and in-game texts to a variety of titles for Sony’s PlayStation Home platform, written for several independent games studios as a freelancer, and created branching adventure cards for a tabletop game. She’s undertaking an AHRC/M3C-funded PhD in interactive fiction at Nottingham Trent University and is currently on placement at the National Videogame Arcade, where she delivered workshops in interactive fiction during their 2016 GameCity festival, and established the Hello Words interactive fiction writers’ group in association with Nottingham’s UNESCO City of Literature team.

The event is organised by Arte Urbana Collectif – Sofia, the Museum of the Architectural Historical Reserve “Bozhentsi” and the Municipality of Gabrovom, in partnership with Institut Français Bulgaria, “House of Humor and Satire” – Gabrovo, British Council Bulgaria, Famille Mundi - Paris, Maison d'Europe et d'Orient, Eurodram. Media Partners are BBC Knowledge, Eight, Bulgarka.

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